April 2018

Dear Friends,

We are now in that beautiful time of year between the cold of the winter and the heat and humidity of the summer. It’s a perfect time to get outdoors and take advantage of the mild weather. Our group has been busy exploring we activities and also getting to one another better during our weekly meetings.

The weather was still rather cold on March 9, so we had our weekly meeting indoors as usual. Being inside didn’t prevent the kids from playing and as you can see the parents were all smiles.

On March 23, we had our monthly cooking class in the kitchen of the FedEx Building. As you can see, the task for this day was making pizza. The results were amazing! Everyone had a good time, especially the kids. 

On April 6, we took advantage of the beautiful, early Spring weather and had a picnic at Robinson Park in Carrboro. Everybody enjoyed the sun and fresh air, and the kids especially had fun at the nearby playground!


I didn’t post pictures from all our events, but hopefully this snapshot gives you a good idea of what a great group we have and how much support we are able to give one another. Please spread the word about your group so we can include as many spouses and partners as possible! And children are always welcome.

Please remember that our meditation club meets twice every week. It is led by our group member Ruth Pineda. Please email me if you are interested in participating. In addition, we have an English conversation class every Wednesday at 1 PM at International Student and Scholar Services.

Stay tuned for the next newsletter in early April. Bye for now!