May 2018

Dear Friends,

In April we had a chance to enjoy the beautiful Spring weather in Chapel Hill. As I write this the heat and humidity are beginning to creep into Chapel Hill, a preview of the summer months when it will be impossible for us to have our meetings outside!


April 20 was a truly gorgeous day. We met by the Old Well and walked over to Coker Arboretum, where we had a wonderful picnic. I have lived near several university campuses and this arboretum at UNC is absolutely unique. It is in the heart of campus and even when campus is very busy it is a quiet sanctuary away from all the hustle and bustle. When you feel a need to recharge I encourage you to take advantage of it! We had the entire park to ourselves on this day as you can see in the photos below.









May 2 was not a Friday but a small group of us went to Maple View Farm outside of Chapel Hill. This farm is famous locally for its ice cream, which is made at a farm across the street. It was a hot day and perfect for cooling down with ice cream. The rocking chairs outside are great for looking out at the cows on the farm while you sit in the shade enjoying Maple View’s unique flavors. 







On May 4 we went back to Corker Arboretum. We cannot get enough of this place! We had a lovely picnic, once more.






May 11 was a hot day so we met indoors on the fourth floor of the FedEx Building.